What Does Couch Upholstery Cost in Cape Town?

Couch Upholstery Cost in Cape Town

There are all kinds of sofas, from L-shaped suites to romantic loveseats and the most comfortable sofa beds you can imagine. Asking what does couch upholstery cost in Cape Town, in some ways, it can be like asking “how long is a piece of string?”

In general, how much does it cost to reupholster a couch in Cape Town?

Sofa reupholstery costs vary greatly depending on their size and other factors. Your upholstery fabric cost and reupholstering labor costs are included here. In our last three L-shaped couch reupholstery projects, costs ranged from Rx.xxx to Rx.xxx.

If you send us pictures and a detailed description of the couch’s damage, we will be able to estimate the labour cost accurately. You can get started by clicking this link.

We consider the following factors when pricing couch upholstery:

Size of the couch — depending on the size of the couch, reupholstering it will cost more or less.

Condition of the sofa — in most cases, reupholstering a piece of furniture that is structurally sound will cost less than reupholstering one that requires spring, castor, or wood repairs.

Is it worth it to reupholster a sofa?

If your furniture frame is not broken or damaged, it is always worth reupholstering. In addition to saving potential perfect furniture from landfills, you’re supporting local workroom professionals. Rather than buying new furniture every time your fabric wears out or becomes damaged, this is a more sustainable option. 

If you want to know if reupholstering your sofa is a good idea, speak to a local upholsterer. Ideally, they can tell you whether a piece of furniture is worth salvaging or whether it’s time to replace it completely

Request a quote from the upholsterer for your reupholstery project, and compare the quote with the cost of a new sofa. It’s worth reupholstering when couch upholstery costs make sense. Reupholstering or buying a new sofa depends on whether it’s worth it.

What are the benefits of couch upholstery over couch purchasing?

There’s almost certainly no need to upholster your old sofa or chair when you can purchase a new one for less money.

The quality of the newly purchased furniture, however, will reflect that. In general, reupholstery is only worth it for well-crafted furniture, since poorly constructed furniture usually has low-quality frames and interiors that won’t last long.

Your home can be customised to fit your lifestyle by reupholstering furniture.

You’ll even be saving the environment by not having to dispose of old furniture. Furthermore, there will be fewer emissions than when making a brand new sofa.

Is there a time when reupholstering a sofa is not a smart idea?

When you buy furniture brand new and it isn’t too expensive, I bet you won’t be able to afford to reupholster it since its frame and interiors (the padding or stuffing) would likely be of such poor quality that, no matter how much you spend, it will still be a flimsy sofa with a short lifespan. Sadly, most modern furniture isn’t designed to last a long time, and we live in a society that throws things away all the time.

If, however, your modern sofa is solid and of superior quality, but the covers are worn thin, and the foam is showing beneath, reupholstering it will be worth your time.

The sofa will last for a long, long time if you invest in it. If there is a pattern on the fabric, you may need more meterage to match it. You will also need to factor in the cost of treating fabrics used to cover modern furniture with fire retardant if they don’t already have it.

In conclusion, sofa upholstery prices vary depending on many factors such as size, materials, and condition. In addition, reupholstering a sofa doesn’t always make sense. You should consider whether the frame of the couch is of high quality before hiring an upholsterer.

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